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Education : "Shiksha"
Project aims to create interest among children for education through joyful teaching & encourage parents to enroll children in school for continued education.

The project is being implemented in slums of Thane & Jalgaon. To create maximum impact these classes are conducted in the community settlements only and to have familiarity the teacher is selected from the same or nearby locality. Teacher’s capacity is enhanced through regular training and review meetings. Parent meetings are conducted at all classes on regular basis to share the progress of classes and develop their understanding on project. Also through discussion these parents are encouraged to continue education of their child. 

Children between age group of 6 to 14 years are enrolled in the class where they are taught basics of English, Marathi, and Mathematics. The teaching aid includes display cards, charts and interactive teaching methods like games, songs, reading are applied for effective results. This project is implemented with the help of well known organization in the field of education “Pratham”

Project is benefiting 12870 children in Thane and Jalgaon with skills development in English, Arithmetic and the Regional languages. The success of the project can be witnessed by seeing all students are enrolled in main stream of the education. They are going to nearby municipal or trust run schools. 
Also 1124 tribal children are supported in the Thane District through a NGO Friends of Tribal Society in a holistic programme encompassing education, health and other enrichment aspects.

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