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Education : "E-Learning"

EMCO Foundation proud to announce the starting of an E-Learning digital classroom in TMC’s Dhokali School. This innovative project was inaugurated by TMC Commissioner Mr. R. A. Rajeev on Saturday 20th October 2012

E learning includes school syllabus based on Maharashtra State Board Curriculum in Marathi & English from 1st to 10th Std with all major subjects. The syllabus has been explained in audio-visual format with interactive question bank, animated visuals & designed with child-friendly interface. It makes learning interesting-engaging and exams on an enjoyable experience. It also includes school encyclopedia, science, math, science, geography, astronomy, etc. in digital form. It ensures that learning becomes an enjoyable experience for students and introduces them to latest technology to bridge gap between weaker and wealthier. It supports teachers in their function without diluting their importance and has simplified menu based learning & no IT background necessary. This will benefit 3,122 students in their studies; it offers students self learning tools and will improve overall percentage of marks in their exams.

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