Tree Plantation
Seed distribution
Solar Lamp Distribution
Health Care
We believe in promotion & preservation of Environment for survival of life. EMCO Foundation has initiated small but an important and necessary step to conserve our environment.

Projects Ankur and Roshni are environmental initiatives aimed at healing and sustaining the benediction of Mother Earth for all of us.

Tree plantation:
The objective of the project is to contribute in conservation of environment & increase the green coverage in and around the city.

With support from local Municipal Corporations, local communities, school children we have planted saplings in Thane, Jalgaon, Dadra and Vadodara. Under this project we have planted around 2,700 trees and these planted trees are guarded with metal tree guards. Our volunteers are monitoring regularly and taking measures for successful growth of these planted trees.

Seed distribution (Project Ankur):
With an aim to involve maximum people for growing trees we had started distributing seeds of environment friendly tress as corporate gift. In line with our social commitment we involved differently enabled children of an NGO and used environment friendly jute bags for packing of seeds, these bags were tagged with instruction note for plantation and after care.

Seed bags are being distributed to our distinguished partners, customers & vendors.

Solar Lamp Distribution (Project Roshni):
With an objective to promote renewable energy and to meet the requirement of light; 400 portable solar lanterns are distributed in the villages near Jalgaon & Thane tribal region. More than 2000 people are benefited with these lanterns. This source of light is helping students in studies & women in their household activities.
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