At EMCO, we believe that it is essential for an individual to learn valuing life, while valuing profits. We trust that even a single member can make difference & a single spark can ignite hearts of many. Contribution to society is therefore, not an act of charity but it is a part of our own existence & responsibilities.

Inception: The EMCO Foundation (EF) was registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 with the Asst. Charity Commissioner, Thane on 2nd November 2007, bearing registration No. E-4571 (Thane). We started working with some urban communities in Thane city. After a while, initiated projects in the other parts like Jalgaon, Vadodra in Gujrat and Dadra.

EMCO Foundation is working with groups of people with programs revolving around education, environment & health care. Our endeavour is to include as many stakeholders as possible, while implementing the programs & thus expanding our reach every time.

Our Approach: We strongly believe in participatory approach & considering the mandate of people with whom we are dealing. Our aim is to encourage the involvement of communities, Governmental as well as Non-Governmental Organizations, volunteers & other like-minded people. This approach is clearly reflected in the Foundation's vision & mission statement, which is at the core of all our operations, irrespective of the issues & partners dealt with.

Our Vision: To transform lives through sustainable development, involving stakeholders.

Our Mission: Establish sustainable processes for meaningful opportunities in Education, Environment and Health Care through involvement of communities.


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